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Extreme ends of the spectrum - Out of the box package implementations versus customizations

“It's really hard to design products by focus groups. A lot of times, people don't know what they want until you show it to them.”- — Steve Jobs

In this article, Anjali talks about commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) packages and the debates around them. According to her, one group opines that if customer perspective is  the route to design solutions and product offerings, we will end up satisfying no one. On the other hand, the other group opposing this point of view believes that  innovation is a result of studying market trends and customer pulse. To decide one way or the other is a delicate balance that requires deeper understanding of business processes and splitting them into non-competitive, routine, run-of-the-mil processes, and differentiating categories that would help an organization gain the competitive edge.

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About the author

Anjali Yadav Anjali Yadav
Industry Principal, Infosys

Anjali is Salesforce CoE Lead at Infosys with 15 years of industry experience; primarily in the customer relationship management (CRM) domain across multiple COTS packages (Salesforce, SAP, Siebel, and Pivotal). She is an Industry Principal at Infosys with over eight years of Salesforce.com (SFDC) experience. As the founding member of the Infosys SFDC practice, she has been instrumental in driving thought leadership in CRM domain, developing industry solutions  on Salesforce.com, and supporting the execution of large-scale Salesforce programs as a subject matter expert. She is a Salesforce certified professional and has undergone Project Management Professional(PMP) certification.

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