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Marketing at the end of the alphabet

Published with permission from Business Line.

Strategically placed billboards, curiosity-inducing newspaper advertisements, and sport or festival oriented advertisement campaigns were the prime marketing avenues for Gen X. With the influx of Gen Y, these avenues evolved and advertisements have now infiltrated malls and mobile phones. However, such advancements might still prove inadequate for Gen Z who would expect instant gratification from any product they use.

For a generation that consumes more YouTube than television and spends more time on social media than on open playgrounds, it is imperative that marketers offer a product experience that is immersive enough to lure the newest customer group.

Anand Sethuraman Anand Sethuraman is a senior consultant having rich experience in the aerospace and automobile sectors, particularly in after-sales services and traceability. He is an aerospace engineering graduate from Madras Institute of Technology, Chennai, having over 9 years of experience working with Infosys. He holds a Supply Chain Management certification from APICS, USA.

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