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Infosys wins 2017 IBM Beacon Award

Infosys wins 2017 IBM Beacon Award

The IBM Beacon Awards program recognizes IBM business partners that are delivering exceptional solutions to drive business value and transform the way clients and industries operate. The 2017 awards acknowledged achievements across a range of solution areas — including IBM Watson, cloud, and analytics — to bring clients into the cognitive era. The 2017 IBM PartnerWorld Leadership Conference (PWLC) announced the list of winners and finalists on February 13 - 16, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Infosys is delighted to have won the IBM Beacon Award for its order management solution on the cloud, popularly known as Infosys Omni-Order Management Platform. This is recognition of its thought leadership and innovativeness in the supply chain space and is an excellent example of the exemplary partnership between IBM and Infosys. We hope that this award will help both IBM and Infosys take the solution to a larger customer base and help our customers ride the wave of continuous changes.

The Infosys Omni-Order Management Platform on the cloud is an industry solution, pre-built and pre-configured to enable the fastest way to implement the omnichannel strategy. This is powered by IBM Sterling Commerce.

Clients are not only looking at reducing supply chain costs but also working to increasing sales and profits and delivering enhanced value to customers. In the current dynamic environment where consumer demands and behavior can change overnight, our solution helps in re-writing the rules of omnichannel realization by allowing our clients to adjust to changing business needs virtually on the fly. It dramatically cuts down implementation timelines and upfront costs.

The award is a testament of Infosys commitment to developing solutions, methodologies, and intellectual property (IP) that reflect our thought leadership and delivering innovative solutions to clients.

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