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Infosys Identified as a Relevant Brand for Pervasive Digital Strategy

Infosys has emerged as one of the most relevant service providers in the North America Digital Adoption Survey – How Pervasive is Your Digital Strategy? report by Everest Group. In a survey conducted with IT leaders across 120 North American enterprises, Infosys is one of only five companies in the top quartile.

Infosys has been cited as “relevant to my Digital Journey”, resulting in high brand recall among the companies surveyed.

Background of the research

The convergence of digital technology themes, such as Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud (SMAC), and IoT, has made it possible for enterprises to use technology creatively and in a manner that solves real business problems beyond “run”. Possibly for the first time in history, enterprises are challenged, not by the lack of technology, but by its overwhelming abundance. The critical imperative for enterprises is to stay ahead of the competition’s adoption curve in a manner that yields efficiencies throughout the value chain, from back-office to customer engagement.

Enterprises are adopting digital technologies not only to engage customers online or to create new business models, but also to streamline internal processes, drive supply chain efficiencies, or simply to make IT more agile and efficient. However, the nature and extent of adoption varies significantly across enterprises.

The analysis

To delve further into the true nature of adoption, Everest Group conducted a survey with IT leaders in 120 North American enterprises. Surveys were conducted with IT and business leaders in organizations that have adopted or are considering adoption of three or more digital technology themes. This report analyses the survey results with a specific focus on:

  • Establishing a definitional framework for digital adoption
  • Assessing the extent and nature of digital technology adoption amongst North American enterprises
  • Identifying key enterprise segments for digital adoption and mapping their adoption behavior
  • Identifying key implications for North American enterprises and service providers serving this market

Based on the evaluation criteria, Infosys emerges as one of the most relevant brands for digital strategy in Everest Group survey.

Pervasive Digital Strategy

Published with permission from Everest Group

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Chirajeet Sengupta, Vice President, Everest Group:

“Establishing a definitional framework for digital adoption is an imperative for enterprises today. Organizations focus their digital investments on Digital Enablement, Digital for Efficiency, and Digital for Growth. Infosys offers digital technologies to streamline and simplify processes, improve productivity and quality, and deliver a superior experience to business process stakeholders. This has enabled it to be ranked in the top quartile in the Digital Strategy of North American enterprises.”

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