Infosys-SugarCRM: A strategic alliance

Infosys-SugarCRM: A strategic alliance

The partnership between Infosys and SugarCRM aims to provide implementation, rollout, maintenance, and version upgrades to global customers. It is managed at the corporate level, both at Infosys and SugarCRM, and strong support is provided from both sales and alliance teams.

SugarCRM chose Infosys as a key, global system integrator because of its:

  • Proven, industry-leading capabilities across key verticals
  • Global presence and partnerships
  • Strong technical knowledge and skills

For SugarCRM's part, it has helped Infosys build a team by providing virtual and specialized classroom training. As a result, most of the consultants are SugarCRM-certified. Through this partnership Infosys has:

  • Gained deep expertise in SugarCRM, as one of its first partners
  • Accelerated its efforts to design frameworks, tools, and accelerators to improve end-user productivity for the digital workforce of SugarCRM
  • Collaborated to implement joint marketing and a go-to-market strategy with SugarCRM
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