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Transforming user experience in an algorithm-driven economy

Technological advances have significantly contributed to the transformation of customer expectations while simultaneously providing enterprises with the digital tools to create amazing experiences that customers expect. Gopikrishnan Konnanath, Senior Vice President (SVP) and Service Offering Head (SOH) of Enterprise Application Integration and Services (EAIS), Infosys, shares his thoughts on how experiences along the dimensions of interaction, consumption, and collaboration are transforming human behavior. In his article for Voice and Data India, he mentions, "Unlike in the past, we no longer talk of information technology or digital technology within the narrow context or confines of the enterprise. Technology permeates all walks of life and is equally relevant in the different spheres of life — home, work, and society."

Gopikrishnan Konnanath – Senior Vice President, Service Offering Head of Enterprise Application Integration and Services, Infosys

Gopikrishnan Konnanath Gopi is a Senior Vice President and Service Offering Head of the Enterprise Application Integration and Services (EAIS) line, having over 21 years of global experience at Infosys. EAIS is a large group within Infosys, which helps customers renew their core business and innovate into new business streams through accelerated digitization and integration, supported by the Infosys application programming interface (API) economy practice as well as other practices that include business process management (BPM), service-oriented architecture (SOA) , enterprise application integration (EAI), supply chain management (SCM), and enterprise asset management (EAM). As the head of the EAIS service line, he is responsible for the overall management, business growth, reliable delivery, and scalable competency development of many large clients of Infosys. Under his leadership, the EAIS group has grown significantly with an expanding market presence in global sales and delivery, ensuring that the best practices are leveraged across industries and regions. He currently heads the development center at Mangalore and is also overseeing the execution of Zero Distance — a strategic and cultural movement in the organization, aimed at bringing innovation into every project.

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Published with permission from Voice & Data.

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