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EAM users - Who and How Important are they?

The article emphasizes on the importance of Enterprise Asset Management(EAM) users in designing a comprehensive system for managing Asset Management functions within an organization. Through some real-life examples, it discusses some subtle but very important contribution which the EAM users can make towards such strategic initiatives and emphasizes on how, if successfully engaged, can bring about a positive transformation in the system implementation journey.

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About the Author

Rejeesh Gopalan

Rejeesh Gopalan
Lead Consultant, Consulting & System Integration, Infosys

Rejeesh Gopalan is a lead consultant in digital enterprise services at Infosys Limited. He is responsible for providing leadership in enterprise asset management projects involving end-to-end implementation and Industry solutions development covering multiple domains such as Energy & Utilities, Manufacturing, Telecom and Financial Services. Rejeesh is a thought leader and specializes in areas such as Asset management, Supply Chain Management and Business Process Optimization.

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