Renew and reinvent marketing with #InfosysDigital

The digital marketer is faced with a challenging new business landscape – hyper-connected consumer, diversified channels, varied distribution, increased customer centricity, and changing demographics. The technology landscape, however, is not so new – maintaining legacy applications is getting costlier, budgets are limited, and IT isn't delivering the returns it should. Succeeding in this new environment calls for digital marketers to bring in new thinking and new technologies into their existing landscape, and go fortified into the next generation of business by renewing existing technologies and reinventing the way they do marketing.

Top five imperatives of digital marketing:

  • Content is king: Create relevant, inspirational, and interactive content to deliver superior experiences seamlessly across channels.
  • Engage the audience: Inspire engaging conversations across channels and convert transactions into lasting customer journeys.
  • Simplify: Make marketing operations cheaper, faster, and better
  • Power of analytics: Leverage smarter analytics delivered on dashboards in command centers to drive effective campaigns and create new revenue opportunities.
  • Customer at the center: Have a 360-degree view of the customer (across the corporate and social landscape) to drive customer centricity.

Digital Marketing by Infosys Digital
Infosys Digital provides end-to-end solutions for enterprises seeking to ensure efficiencies and effectiveness in their digital marketing efforts. We work with CMOs to help leverage multiple channels to engage the consumer, build long-term relationships, harness the explosion of data, measure and enhance the ROI of digital marketing. Our digital marketing offerings harness consumer data, generate insights, and measure business value through return on marketing investment (ROMI). Seamless to integrate and easy to adopt, our solutions offer robust technology-based platforms to fulfil your end-to-end digital marketing requirements. We even help build customer intimacy through collaboration platforms, experience management, and campaigns.

Digital marketing offerings
Infosys Digital Marketing offerings include:

  • Marketing operations:
    • Develop, support, and enhance digital marketing platforms.
    • Run digital marketing operations across the lifecycle including release management, migration management, and application change management.
    • Provide technical services for digital marketing operations across digital content management, digital assets management, and digital production.
  • Customer experience:
    • Conceptualize, create, and manage inspirational and compelling content in line with clients' business requirements that engages and influences end customers.
    • Enhance customer touch points to engaging journeys by providing personalized content across multiple channels.
  • Campaign management:
    • Improve campaign efficiency and effectiveness with a unified view of the customer.
    • Design, execute, and monitor multichannel campaigns.
    • Provide insights on customer buying behavior that impacts business outcomes.
  • Marketing analytics:
    Deriving real time actionable insights leveraged through understanding customer behavior by:
    • Conducting Analytics Audit
    • Identifying KPIs that map to business goals including CTR, click to conversion, etc.
    • Implementing analytics by collating from multiple enterprise systems (CRM, web and mobile channel, ERP and other transactional systems) and providing full customer profiling, visitor behavior, trends and their impact on business metrics in real-time.
  • CRM and Loyalty-Driven Marketing: to help identify, segment, monitor and reward desirable customer behavior and enabling social media services to help develop engaging social content and leverage social analytics to understand customer preferences.

Infosys and Adobe alliance
Infosys and Adobe share a commitment to provide a great consumer experience around the world. Industry-leading digital marketing, campaign management, personalization, and analytics solutions and services address the two corporations' need to increase revenue, enter new markets, and improve margins.

Infosys has developed solution offerings around multichannel digital marketing and online consumer experience solutions in retail, CPG, logistics, healthcare and life sciences, telecommunication, high-tech, manufacturing, and banking / finance. These industry-leading solutions cover the depth and breadth of industry solution requirements. These services are built around Adobe's Digital Experience products such as Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Adobe Personalization, and Adobe Campaign Management

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