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Ketan Patel

Ketan Patel: Expert in Appian
Specialties: Appian, business process management, dynamic case management
I am a Consultant in the BPM domain and support customers in their business transformation leveraging Appian to deliver BPM, mobility, social, and cloud.

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Vishal Mehta

Vishal Mehta: Expert in IBM technologies
Specialties: IBM BPM, big data, SOA
I am a BPM Solution Architect with focus on IBM. My key objective is to support customers across industries helping them define business challenges, design, and roll out enterprise-wide best-of-class BPM applications and achieve operational efficiency and increased customer satisfaction.

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Dipak Gandhi

Dipak Gandhi: Expert in Pega
Specialties: Pega , Business Process Management, Customer Process Management
I am an Architect with expertise in Pega BPM, helping organizations to achieve competitive advantage and best-in-class performance through process improvements in customer process management.

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