Pega Upgrade COE

Upgrading is a necessity and an opportunity

Upgrades are needed to retain and enhance the strategic value of PRPC investments, and to leapfrog ahead for leveraging the next generation of opportunities in the digital world. Infosys has invested in a full-featured Pega Upgrade Center of Excellence to help its clients upgrade with enhanced reliability and minimal costs.

Key drivers for Pega Upgrade

Pega 7 Upgrade Center of Excellence 

Infosys provides different upgrade offerings depending on the needs of the client. They are:

  • Lite: Technical upgrade of Pega platform across development, test, and production  with one week of warranty (eight – ten weeks)
  • Standard: Compliance Level 1 upgrade using in-place or out-of-place upgrade with regression testing and a two-week warranty  (12 – 16 weeks)
  • Advanced: Design retro-fitment to leverage new features of Pega 7 , Enhancing UI, Pega and portals, inline styles and multi-browser compatibility with four weeks of warranty support (16 – 20 weeks)

Infosys Pega Refresh Kit is a unique set of tools to make Pega upgrades more predictable and reliable. It includes:

  • Infosys Pega Upgrade Assessment Tool – to assess the quantum of work systematically
  • Infosys Pega Upgrade Methodology – customized methodology, specifically for Pega upgrade projects
  • Infosys Pega Upgrade Estimation Template – comprehensive estimation tool to estimate effort
  • Infosys Pega Test Automation Framework – Pega-specific test automation framework, leveraging the best practices of test automation

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