The Infosys Aerospace and Defense practice offers predictive asset maintenance solutions to enhance the airworthiness of aircraft. We use a patented knowledge system to digitize structural repair manuals and aircraft / component maintenance manuals. Our knowledge engines simplify data interpretation for maintenance and repair of metallic as well as composite structures / components.

The Infosys Asset Genome solution unifies data across operations, including performance data, fuel consumption, and wear-and-tear. It combines data from aircraft health monitoring systems, inspection reports, and Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) records to identify issues in design, production and maintenance. Our solution boosts asset performance and extends the lifespan of assets in heavy engineering, oil and gas, and transportation industries.

Our Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based tools map recurring aircraft maintenance issues with flying conditions, altitude, temperature, and pressure, which drives predictive maintenance to eliminate malfunction and minimize service interruptions. Condition-based maintenance improves aircraft serviceability, while optimizing the frequency of scheduled maintenance.

Infosys customizes predictive maintenance models for each asset class, and establishes an alert mechanism based on criticality and business value. Our predictive models mitigate failure by identifying and prioritizing maintenance requirements. Significantly, digital manuals, inspection procedures and work scheduling boost the productivity of the aircraft maintenance team.

Our knowledge-based engineering approach and web-based tools for technical documentation accelerate recertification after MRO services.

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Our experts discuss the system architecture of a robust vehicle health monitoring mechanism, and provide a use case to showcase how it addresses functional requirements.


Challenges & Solutions

Knowledge-based engineering systems aggregate aircraft data from multiple sources to accelerate maintenance and repair.

Knowledge templates allow airframe and engine manufacturers, airlines and third-party service providers to standardize MRO processes and tools for identification, execution, inspection, and approval.

Business intelligence-based reporting dashboards enable visualization of aircraft health, maintenance metrics and key performance indicators.