Kia America Perfects the Car Delivery Experience with Infosys

Kia America, the leading automaker and one of the TIME100 Most Influential Companies of 2023, wanted to simplify paper-based vehicle delivery process. In an effort to equip Kia dealers in America with a holistic digital tool that standardizes, customizes and digitizes customer experience, the company collaborated with Infosys.

The Infosys Kia eDelivery Platform digitizes every aspect of vehicle delivery and provides a seamless and consistent experience for both customers and dealers, across the sales cycle. Since the launch of the platform, Kia America has witnessed a 7.64 points year-over-year growth in JD Power’s Delivery Process category and a significant increase in individual sales performance across their dealerships.

Watch Christine Bagnard, Director of Sales and Field Operations, Kia America, Subba Kethu, Director of Digital Technology, Kia America and Rakesh Gollapalli, VP and Regional Head, Infosys, discuss the Kia eDelivery Platform and how it has reshaped customer experience.