A Scandinavian manufacturer of luxury cars wanted to transform its network of more than 2,000 dealers in over 100 countries into a digital global workshop.

Infosys developed an advanced workshop application leveraging diagnostics and telematics data of cars to deliver a superior after-sales and service experience. Our solution adopted Representational State Transfer (REST) architecture, always-on connectivity, and big data to enhance the productivity of technicians at the workshop.


The Solution

Next-gen digital workshop

Infosys developed a next-generation workshop application to drive remote diagnostics, facilitate predictive car maintenance, and enhance the productivity of the workforce.

Our solution helped the Scandinavian automotive company transform its dealership network into a digital workshop ecosystem

Our solution converted a dealership network into a digital workshop

  • 75-100% increase in productivity for tracing faults in cars
  • 50% reduction in electronic control units (ECUs) failure
  • 200-300% increase in speed to load data


Our solution adopts a digital ecosystem approach to car service, maintenance, and repair

Vehicle diagnostics for car maintenance and repair

Infosys established Wi-Fi connectivity across the dealership network to leverage diagnostics and telematics data of cars. Our workforce application is available on mobile devices of technicians to streamline vehicle service and repair workflows

Big data for vehicle performance and insights

Our solution harnesses a huge volume of structured as well as unstructured data to undertake preventive maintenance, trace faults, and forecast emerging requirements of vehicle parts and components.

Comprehensive information on one screen

Our application empowers technicians by providing repair manuals and reference information of vehicles as well as media streaming capability to support advanced repair methods.