Infosys at the AutomotiveIT Kongress 2023

The fifteenth edition of the AutomotiveIT Kongress took place in Berlin on September 20, 2023. This one-of-its-kind event that brings together leaders from the automotive industry is organized by leading German automotive media house AutomotiveIT.

Delegates from Infosys participated in the Kongress. Ruchir Budhwar, Executive Vice President, and Industry Head - Manufacturing, Infosys, sat down with Carolin Platz, Partner and Founder at CP Strategy and Transformation and Head of Corporate Communications at Center of Automotive Management for an exclusive interview. Ruchir shared his thoughts on the various factors and technologies that are poised to accelerate the future of the automotive industry, generative AI being the foremost amongst them.

In the video, Ruchir also shines a spotlight on why enhancing cybersecurity and pivoting towards a D2C model and online car sales are on the top of the agenda for automakers.

Watch the video here