Enabling seamless CX for cars of the future

The convergence of disruptive technology-driven trends are transforming the automotive industry. Most industry players and experts agree that these technology-driven trends will reinforce and accelerate one another, and there is general consensus that the industry is heading towards a revolutionary shift.

As a part of this presentation delivered at Car of the future 2021 event, Rakesh Babu Gollapalli, Vice President Automotive, and Aerospace and Defense Manufacturing, shared his thoughts around three key aspects - Experience, Servitization and Core Refresh. He connects the vertical dots across the evolving expectations of automotive customers, changing business models, and the fundamentals of OEM digital architecture ecosystem.

He puts forth the insights on how Infosys is helping leading global OEMs to deliver enterprise-grade security, by simplifying compliance reporting and driving advanced projects such as security enablement and assurance for enterprise, and connected car. With the services framework and credentials, Infosys will continue to play a vital role in OEMs’ journey towards the Car of the Future.