Infosys Chemical Manufacturing implements cloud adoption programs to create a connected and responsive enterprise. Cloud infrastructure enhances business agility by facilitating collaboration, remote asset monitoring, supply chain visibility, round-the-clock surveillance, real-time analytics, and anytime, anywhere access to enterprise applications and data. Our cloud solutions address infrastructure requirements of chemical manufacturers growing inorganically via mergers, divestitures and acquisitions.

Infosys Cobalt, our cloud ecosystem, facilitates smooth migration of workloads and applications to a polycloud environment. Our experts leverage open source tools, microservices architecture, Agile development processes, and DevOps / AIOps delivery models to accelerate application deployment on the cloud. In addition, we integrate diverse components for an automated Continuous Integration-Continuous Delivery (CI-CD) pipeline. Infosys Cobalt improves availability and reliability of databases by automating data management and enhancing functionality of information systems. Our cloud-hosted data solutions allow advanced search via a powerful query engine with interactive filters and drill-down capabilities. Significantly, Infosys Cobalt supports intuitive dashboards, spider charts and tables to retrieve and visualize multivariate data, which helps chemical manufacturing enterprises undertake reporting without using third-party systems.

Our domain specialists have rich experience spanning public, private and hybrid cloud deployment; cloud ecosystems such as Google Cloud, AWS Cloud and Microsoft Azure; and SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, and BPaaS cloud service models. We standardize data structures, reengineer business processes, and resolve interface issues. In addition, we migrate data and applications from on-premise data centers to the cloud as well as from one cloud platform to another. Our cloud ecosystem empowers manufacturers to streamline business operations, automate business processes such as sales and operations planning, and leverage shared services for human resource management and procurement. Further, cloud-native robotic process automation platforms improve the efficiency of rules-based, repetitive business processes and documentation services while rationalizing costs.


Challenges & Solutions

Scalable cloud infrastructure aligns enterprise systems with strategic goals.

Vendor-agnostic cloud solutions help restructure existing datasets, replace legacy applications, and consolidate business processes.

Team of IT experts has rich experience in cloud integration and support services for chemical manufacturers.