Infosys Chemical Manufacturing develops bespoke data analytics applications for dynamic inventory management. Our applications manage inventory requirements across homogeneous and heterogeneous product lines. It accounts for known parameters such as production capacity, delivery schedules, demand and supply lead times, warehouse / tank farm infrastructural limitations, and costs as well as uncertainties / risks in inbound and outbound supply chains.

Multi-dimensional analysis based on interdependencies among variables enables chemical manufacturers to better manage the inventory of finished products and raw materials. It also rationalizes the inventory of stock keeping units, be it slow-moving components of process assets, fast-moving personal protection gear, or high-value catalysts. Notably, our data-driven approach boosts working capital management.

Our cloud-hosted inventory management systems use connected technology to accurately track inventory of a range of products including liquid feedstock in ocean tankers or in storage yards, and palletized cargo in trailers on the road or railway wagons. We integrate inventory management with core operational systems, which streamlines compliance with regulatory requirements for safe handling and storage of hazardous chemicals. In addition, automated processes for centralized inventory management ensure accurate record keeping and reporting, while supporting diverse methods to calculate the cost of goods sold and year-end inventory, such as First-In, First-Out (FIFO), Last-In, First-Out (LIFO) and weighted average.

Infosys Chemical Manufacturing enhances inventory management with advanced technologies for allied services. We implement augmented and virtual reality tools and computer vision-based systems to improve the efficiency of product inspection. Our artificial intelligence and machine learning models replace conventional forecasting approaches with predictive insights to minimize safety / buffer stock levels, determine optimal inventory levels at regional facilities and distribution points, and adopt just-in-time production strategy.


Challenges & Solutions

A repository of tracking solutions for physical and digital supply chains powered by RFID, GPS, IoT, and blockchain technologies.

Digital solutions facilitate remote temperature and humidity management for hygroscopic and thermo-sensitive materials.

Integrated materials management and predictive asset maintenance solutions trigger inventory replenishment orders of spare parts and components for prompt equipment servicing.