Infosys Chemical Manufacturing establishes a global sourcing footprint to enhance procurement maturity. Our digital ecosystem approach combines robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), blockchain, optical character recognition (OCR), and predictive analytics to streamline Source-to-Pay (S2P) process flows. Further, our cloud-hosted e-procurement platforms enable enterprises to prioritize strategic imperatives, such as proximity to the factory, quality of imported intermediates, or government policy to procure indigenous raw material, for finalizing long-term contracts and bulk purchase orders.

Automated S2P value chains and accurate master data management empower procurement teams with real-time visibility into critical metrics, including product quality, regulatory compliance and supplier performance. AI / ML models transform procurement by assessing risks and identifying the root causes of quality issues, delays, cost overruns, or disputes across suppliers of raw materials, intermediates, consumables, operating supplies, and services. Significantly, digital procurement applications help prioritize suppliers to mitigate sustainability risks, and reduce hazardous chemicals as well as ‘chemicals of concern’ from products. For instance, suppliers who use a carbon-light fleet for transportation or manufacturers substituting hydrocarbon inputs with genetically engineered or environment-friendly chemicals.

Infosys blends diversified supplier portfolios with digital supplier relationship management solutions, which helps in building and maintaining a reliable global supplier base. Notably, our digital systems accelerate the procurement lifecycle by integrating applications for pre-shipment product inspection. Internal inspectors or third-party experts can be automatically assigned based on the location, delivery schedule and type of product. An inspection report can automatically trigger acceptance of a shipment, or a proactive alert to the procurement team in the event of an issue.


Challenges & Solutions

Infosys ProcureEdge offers procurement-as-a-service to streamline operations and generate savings.

IP automation tools and collaborative workflows accelerate supplier onboarding and align supply chain operations with production systems.

Infosys analytics workbench drives data-powered, insights-driven negotiations with suppliers across procurement categories.