The Infosys Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) practice facilitates contactless collaboration between stakeholders to accelerate project delivery. We implement unified solutions for reliable and secure communication and collaboration in a digital environment. A connected ecosystem allows data and artifacts to be shared across applications, processes, and teams, while facilitating remote management of projects. Collaboration platforms built on hybrid cloud architecture break down enterprise silos, which enables seamless execution of capital and resource-intensive EPC contracts through integrated planning, superior risk management, better materials, and supply chain control, and coordinated field services.

Digital collaboration systems for real-time data collection and transmission between onsite teams, suppliers, government agencies, extended project teams, and the back office enhance every aspect of construction projects. Seamless collaboration combined with autonomous update of documents, schedules, and field reports enable project managers to monitor project deliverables and make interventions in real time. Further, it supports data-driven decisions to align plans with execution strategies to minimize rework and mitigate risks across engineering and design, procurement and construction, handover, and maintenance phases.

Our team deploys 4G Wi-Fi and dedicated 5G network-based solutions for uninterrupted data sharing between connected assets, mobile devices, and remote operations centers. It equips EPC enterprises to adopt Artificial Intelligence (AI) and IIoT applications for autonomous operations. Besides, real-time onsite-offsite collaboration powered by AI and IIoT boosts productivity, facilitates asset tracking, and optimizes resource utilization.

Infosys Digital Services Marketplace solution enables EPC enterprises to transform the business model and adopt collaborative commerce. Our cloud native solution blends a zero-touch automation approach with digital demand-supply mapping, and an intelligent fulfillment engine to uberize service. Real-time workflow automation, digital accelerators and prebuilt business entities in our marketplace solution create a demand generation and service enablement ecosystem. Notably, plug-and-play components enhance marketing and CRM capabilities while driving disintermediation.

Secure and reliable collaboration reduces resource-intensity across preconstruction, site monitoring and inspection, and operations.

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Success story: Black & Veatch launches ITSM self-service portal Our experts used a pre-configured solution to accelerate implementation of a suite of ServiceNow products in a heterogeneous technology landscape.

Challenges & Solutions

Digitization of business processes supports adoption of cloud computing, wireless networks and pervasive systems for collaborative operations.

Integrated systems track milestones and rationalize costs across the lifecycle of capital projects.

B2B2C system connects end-to-end service entities, be it human resource management, field support, logistics, or auditing services.