The Infosys Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) practice digitizes training processes as part of an enterprise modernization strategy. Dynamic talent management is critical to address the challenges of long gestation EPC projects. Effective talent development helps EPC enterprises retain skilled employees, mitigate skill gaps, and develop a diverse workforce to meet project requirements.

Infosys develops a holistic training policy for continuous replenishment of the talent pool. Infosys Wingspan, our mobile-first learning solution, accelerates the talent transformation journey with smart features based on open source technologies. It transcends conventional learning management systems to provide guided skill development and an immersive learning experience.

Our solution easily integrates into an enterprise IT and training / learning infrastructure. Moreover, we provide technical and operational support to enhance learning capabilities. In addition, we design customized learning pathways across domain, IT, business, and support streams. Our cloud-hosted solution offers a reusable library for educators and trainers to develop bespoke content. Further, Infosys Wingspan facilitates seamless collaboration between external partners, learners, experts, and content creators.

Infosys incorporates change management into digital talent transformation programs. It helps HR departments mitigate the risk of skills shortage, including highly specialized / licensed professionals, while minimizing employee attrition. Infosys Wingspan supports targeted interventions for onboarding as well as career development. Personalized learning modules may vary from safety information for new recruits to project-based certification for estimators and site-specific risk management for project managers. The ability to access content anytime, anywhere and on any device allows employees to achieve learning goals faster.

Our experts recreate the university environment to drive knowledge sharing and reskilling / upskilling across a global talent pool. Collaboration, gamification and a personalized learning experience break down barriers in talent transformation and continuous learning. Notably, it empowers EPC teams to understand the requirements of customers, identify latent business opportunities, and adopt digital technologies to grow revenue.

Our platform decentralizes authoring and co-creation of learning modules.

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PoV: Connect productivity, safety and performance A digital transformation of the worksite enables EPC contractors to harvest real-time data to improve safety as well as responsiveness.

Challenges & Solutions

Interactive learning tools for a diverse workforce to acquire digital skillsets accelerate business transformation.

A culture of learning and collaboration fosters interpersonal dynamics across a heterogeneous workforce.

Comprehensive learning system discovers knowledge requirements and development opportunities and encourages global teams to participate in talent transformation.