The Infosys Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) practice undertakes cognitive process automation of repetitive tasks across business processes. It empowers EPC enterprises managing large-scale infrastructure development, energy, utilities, and mining projects to simplify a broad spectrum of effort-intensive back office tasks. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) ensures EPC projects are completed on time and within budget by facilitating micro-management of day-to-day functions with minimal resources.

Our digital bots integrate automation with AI technologies such as natural language processing; character, image and pattern recognition; and machine learning to execute high-volume, rule-based activities. The bots process structured, semi-structured and unstructured data and convert it to specified formats for real-time consumption by analytical solutions as well as decision makers.

Automated flow of data between applications, processes and functions reduces processing time while eliminating errors. Software bots also apply contextual analysis to index, validate and reconcile data and archive documents. RPA solutions with cognitive abilities autonomously extract specific data from diverse source systems and initiate actions to deliver output on demand, be it generating an estimate or invoice, updating a project status report, or onboarding employees, customers, suppliers, and subcontractors.

Infosys blends rich experience in managing back office operations with a repository of accelerators for code-less integration of cognitive bots at EPC enterprises. Our dynamic case management framework leverages the Appian automation platform and next-generation social BPM tools to modify processes during operations. Significantly, our agile methodology to deploy cognitive automation software without disrupting legacy CAD and ERP systems or the business accelerates time to value.

Digital bots augment productivity of the workforce while boosting agility of the EPC enterprise.

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Success story: Seamless data synchronization boosts efficiency An engineering data gateway built by Infosys reduced time taken for document management by 20% and materials tracking by 50%.

Challenges & Solutions

Process automation builds resilience, improves efficiency and accelerates turnaround times.

Digital transformation driven by robotic automation and AI creates an advanced enterprise ecosystem.

Intelligent bots powered by machine learning manage real-time data in diverse input formats without human intervention.