The Infosys Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) practice embeds Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and cognitive automation to simplify contract lifecycle management. In addition, we implement advanced contract analytics to support negotiation and mitigate risks. Robotic process automation ensures uniform business practices to manage multi-party trade and sourcing agreements. Further, it boosts productivity while driving compliance with global and local regulations.

Infosys Nia DocAI, our purpose-built document extraction, processing and comprehension platform, unlocks business value from EPC contracts with domain-specific clause and template libraries. Our platform streamlines multi-document data management and facilitates version comparison of complex documents. Pre-configured workflows enable intelligent routing to stakeholders for drafting, editing, reviewing, and finalizing content. Infosys Nia DocAI accelerates documentation while ensuring consistency, transparency and accountability across the contract lifecycle.

We implement pre-trained ML models for document analysis, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tools for identification of static and animated images, and deep learning-based techniques for auto-tagging of documents. AI solutions not only help procurement and legal teams seamlessly navigate voluminous contracts with speed and precision, but also leverage real-time insights for cost-effective business outcomes. Notably, we integrate chatbots for virtual support in EPC contracts review and management.

The Infosys Nia DocAI platform incorporates built-in connectors and APIs for easy integration with enterprise applications and analytical solutions. A robust validation and feedback loop for continuous learning enhances contract analysis and document management. We configure dashboards to track contract performance and generate reports. Significantly, our managed services for infrastructure deployment and product support, and professional services for customization and integration enable EPC contractors to enhance capabilities at minimal cost.

Our GUI-based workbench accelerates development of customized workflows for processing and analyzing contracts.

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Success story: Seamless data synchronization boosts efficiency An engineering data gateway built by Infosys reduced time taken for document management by 20% and materials tracking by 50%.

Challenges & Solutions

Automated metadata extraction and classification of engineering drawings, contract agreements and images into categories based on the content, format and visual layout streamlines search, access and document control.

Computer vision and smart parsing minimize human intervention in review and analysis of technical as well as commercial documents

Cognitive search functionality based on natural language processing, clause matching and template mapping improves accuracy and increases the speed of extracting relevant information.