Together we lead the change the world needs

Together we lead the change the world needs

The Banking and Financial Services industry plays a pivotal role in today’s world where focus on Environmental, Social and Governance is critical. The challenges are complex and daunting, but a strong technological backbone, digital innovations, trusted partnerships, and deep collaborations can kick start and accelerate the systemic change the world needs today.

Are you aware of the leading technologies and proven processes which you can leverage to solve many of your FS ESG goals? At Infosys, we achieved carbon neutrality in 2020 – three decades ahead of the Paris Agreement. Learning from our internal journey, we address what’s needed in the market through the patterns we see. Our unique combination of best-in-class processes and technologies, coupled with real-world knowledge and experience, can help our clients make significant strides on their ESG journeys.

Explore further how your organization can unlock potential opportunities with Infosys as your partner, driving the right balance between profitability and a green, fair, and trustworthy future. From planning and digitizing to driving a sustainability-first culture – together, we can lead the change the world needs today.

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Addressing ESG goals across the BFS enterprise

We use the lenses of data, technology, finance and culture to examine the ESG opportunities and challenges across the enterprise. We recognize that achieving Sustainability goals requires both long-range planning, and near-term impacts

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  • Sustainability design advisory

    Sustainability Design Advisory

    Creating a prioritized roadmap of high-value sustainability programs to move from commitments to actions

  • ESG Reporting

    ESG Reporting

    Gathering, analyzing, and reporting operational ESG metrics, to inform strategies and drive actions

  • ESG Finance and Investments

    ESG for Finance

    Integrating internal and external ESG data and analytics to drive financial decisions, remove risk, and deliver Green financial products

  • Green IT

    Green IT

    Making your IT estate and organization more sustainable across hardware, software, network, operations, and development

  • Sustainable Supply Chain

    Sustainable Supply Chain

    Advisory and technical solutions to engage suppliers, manage data, generate insights, and drive Scope 3 emission reductions

  • Smart Spaces

    Smart Spaces

    Optimizing the efficiency, safety, sustainability and effectiveness of the built environment and the people who use it

  • Decarbonization


    Reducing the quantity and impact of energy used, to support the Net Zero transition

  • Organizational Change

    Organizational Change

    Designing and delivering the organizational, process and people changes needed to drive a Sustainability-first culture

Infosys FS ESG Reporting solution

ESG Partnerships and collaborations:
vital for BFS enterprises


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