A healthcare insurance leader in the United States wanted to enhance the member experience by replacing the existing plan-based display with a persona-centric view.

Several members subscribed to multiple health plans offered by the insurance provider. Infosys implemented a portal solution to provide members and stakeholders with a holistic view of their healthcare plans across the network.

Key Challenges

  • Lack of visibility into member journey
  • Complex registration process and multiple authentications resulted in a subpar user experience

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The Solution

Human-centered design personalizes the member experience

Infosys identified user experience issues: business rule of unique login credentials for each plan required members to create multiple accounts, inefficient member profiling due to data micro-silos, and lack of visibility across the member lifecycle. These challenges resulted in an episodic, transactional relationship with the insurance provider.

Our team adopted a one-identity, one-portal approach to provide unified access to all plans subscribed by a member. We imported existing member records in bulk and built a new API-based service on Apache Camel to create a global digital profile of each member. In addition, we developed a big data scale user directory to support virtualization and data unification for unique user profiles.

Infosys consolidated multiple member IDs related to multiple plans in a single account and enabled one-time login for members. A dropdown menu for members enables them to navigate between different plans in their account. A profile-driven pathway to multiple plans and integrated data accesses further enhances the member experience. Significantly, unified access, intuitive user interfaces and advanced security control of the portal solution deepen engagement between the healthcare insurance provider and members.

Superior user experience drives business outcomes

  • 5% unregistered users converted to registered members
  • 50% reduction in member onboarding time
  • Registration completion rate increased from 52% to 58%

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Unified access to member records

Unified access to member records

2% reduction in account management issues

2% reduction in account management issues