ARRA Meaningful Use Optimization Services

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) 2009 proposes substantial investments for effective use of healthcare IT. Specifically, it focuses on the electronic health records (EHR) technology to reduce costs and improve care by giving incentives to providers for meaningful use of EHR technology.

The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act authorizes substantial investments in advancing the use of health IT (EHR technology), to improve individual healthcare in the US. Achieving the ultimate goals of meaningful use requires time, tools and techniques that are necessary to overcome adoption barriers and attain meaningful and long-term use of objectives. Limited progress has been made in addressing challenges pertaining to the meaningful use of EHR. However, it is imperative for providers to achieve accelerated adoption of health IT contemplated under the HITECH Act.

Infosys and the Center for Health Information and Decision Systems (CHIDS) at the University of Maryland have partnered to address challenges in achieving maximum benefits from EHR technology. This calls for using the ARRA Healthcare Reform and Meaningful Use mandates as a launch pad. Applying the latest EHR implementation research and commercial expertise, the partnership has developed the Strategic Framework for ARRA Meaningful Use Optimization. This combines technology, process and people innovation.

The framework leverages the Infosys-proprietary Value Realization Method (VRM) from Infosys to design the process and metrics for managing crucial clinical metrics. Selection of clinical metrics depends on the impact cast by the ARRA Healthcare Reform and Meaningful Use mandates in respective provider organizations. It targets improved clinical outcomes as well as operational excellence that enable providers to achieve maximum value realization from health IT implementation and optimize return on investment.

The methodology encompasses a research-based approach to strategic, organizational, process, human capital and technology factors. It leverages an advanced platform-agnostic performance analytics technology. The performance analytics technology focuses on achieving maximum value realization for providers through a value-based transformation approach and effective organization change management. We offer ARRA Meaningful Use Optimization Services across all provider sectors.

As part of Healthcare Information System Center of Excellence (HISCOE), we have a large team of healthcare domain and healthcare information technology experts comprising MDs, PhDs, Health Care Informatics, MBAs, engineers, technical architects, and project managers with rich industry experience. They enable providers to adopt the ARRA and Meaningful Use guidelines.

The Infosys advantage

  • ARRA Readiness Assessment: Readiness Assessment offering helps providers build a strong foundation that supports a successful transformation of an EHR system. It is essential that transformation meets the federal standards and helps qualify provider organizations for incentives. Readiness Assessment includes a comprehensive and systematic review of provider organization's current state of EHR technology, information management systems, interfaces, integration, and interoperability as required under the new law payments
  • ARRA Meaningful Use Optimization Services: It focuses on achieving maximum ROI from EHR investments through optimization of provider IT infrastructure, systems, processes and change management. The benefits of EHR implementation and meaningful use are tracked in terms of meaningful use metrics as well as in dollar value
  • EHR implementation in alignment with ARRA and meaningful use guidelines
  • ARRA and Meaningful Use Quality Reporting Metrics and Compliance Management
  • Sustained End-User Adoption Learning Services for enhancing the EHR adoption for physician and other clinical services providers

We offer EHR implementation services for various packages as well as healthcare integration and collaboration platforms. Besides, Infosys also offers integration services to implement EHR solution for health information exchanges (HIEs) and regional health information organizations (RHIOs).

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