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Over time, the healthcare industry has lagged behind other industries in providing superior customer service experience. Health plans, so far, have been relying on resolving customer queries reactively. Traditional, rigid, legacy, and disconnected systems, where customer data resides across multiple systems, have constrained agility and proved to be a stumbling block to improving customer service.

However, with the proliferation of health insurance exchanges, consumers now find it easier to research, compare, and switch health insurance providers. Also, they are increasingly relying on mobile and social media channels to share their experience; impacting brand advocacy in a big way. As a result, health plans have realized the importance of improving customer service and customer experience.

Infosys AssistEdge is a first-of-its-kind customer service platform. It helps contact centers deliver seamless customer service through smart offerings.

AssistEdge provides an integrated customer service experience across channels such as Web, chat, phone, and social media, and transforms contact centers from issue resolution centers to revenue generating units. The platform enables organizations to realize faster returns on their investment through improved agent efficiency, reduced call volumes, and quicker go-live periods.

Enterprises have been able to break even on their investments in three months while tripling their returns in their first year. Our unique context-passing capability and self-help technology, provided in an intuitive dashboard, enhances agent productivity by 25 percent while delivering a superior customer experience.

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