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Clinical Quality and Compliance Management Solution

Hospitals can achieve consistent quality in healthcare pay-for-performance programs and process compliance with advanced levels of clinical and business process efficiency in real-time.

Quality is assessed by evidence-based, process-of-care measures such as the proportion of patients with myocardial infarction who are receiving ß-blocker therapy at the time of discharge. Process-of-care measures are selected because they are relatively easy to assess and relate to critical outcomes such as patient survival.

Infosys' Clinical Quality and Compliance Management solution delivers better healthcare by rating the quality of healthcare across actionable and measurable parameters.

We help you realize superior quality care management and care monitoring. Our healthcare platform solution results in high level of payouts from your Content Management System Reporting and healthcare p4p programs.

Focus Areas Benefits Solution
Clinical guideline compliance
  • Enables physicians to respond to real-time alerts rather than retrospectively analyze their compliance
  • Increase your healthcare p4p bonuses and improve patient care

Rule-based triggers. For example, trigger an alert for prescribing a dose of aspirin for an Acute Myocardial Infarction (AMI) patient.

Care Monitoring Better planning of resources to ensure that patients get the right level of care

Patient profiling tool to identify high-risk patients for care monitoring

Predictable and quick ROI around the healthcare p4p program High predictability, reduced risk of financial penalties arising out of non-compliance enables you to meet quality standards

Pre-built frameworks for CMS Reporting, trend analysis, simulations and benchmarking tools. Real-time, role-based Key Performance Indicators (KPI) reporting dashboards

Effective communication about performance against benchmarks Track and report the performance of the hospital, physicians, nurses, clinical and department staff based on benchmarks
  • Real-time reports/dashboards indicate the overall percentage of compliant patients for each p4p measure by the department, facility, provider, or any other defined group
  • Allows physicians to analyze compliance for self, patients and departments

Our suite of offerings includes:

Clinical Quality & Compliance

Presentation on Healthcare Monitoring & Clinical Quality

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