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Healthcare Payor Data Warehousing and Analysis

Payor organizations need solutions and services for knowledge creation and discovery, decision support, patient management and disease management to meet their strategic goals. It is often achieved by deploying a data warehouse to integrate the data resources, using analytics and leveraging informatics to harness the value and impact of integrated health data.

Monitoring business activities and performance is critical to a payor organization's success and in certain cases, survival. Executives need immediate access to accurate information ranging from sophisticated cross-functional enterprise analytics to trend analysis and potentially transactional data. This information can hold the key to increased market share, customer retention and operational efficiency. Infosys enables you to use data warehousing as a strategic tool to win new customers, develop new products and reduce healthcare costs. Our expertise in healthcare data management solutions helps us to develop, maintain and support data warehousing and informatics tools for healthcare.

  • Architecture and best practices allow flexibility to add new data sources to the existing integrated health data organization efficiently
  • Our healthcare data management solutions will improve the quality and integrity of your data, making the informatics tools more powerful and meaningful
  • Benefit from our data warehousing / analytics solution approach, wherein automated reporting is integrated as part of the ETL process
  • Realize your goal of having a "single version of the truth" across the organization
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