Digital Consumer Experience

Infosys Digital Transformation solutions and services help health plans take an enterprise-wide view of consumer engagement initiatives to deliver a personalized, consistent, and connected experience across channels and consumer life cycle. We combine deep healthcare knowledge, digital expertise, and cross-industry toolkit from healthcare to retail, and a range of consulting and systems integration capabilities to help you gain a competitive edge.

Digital consumer experience  

Value proposition

  • Engage with consumers anytime, anywhere, and in any way
  • Faster / easier information fulfillment and issue resolution
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Lower cost of contact center operations and administration – over 20 percent reduction in handling time
  • Speed-to-market – reduced development time for applications, APIs etc.
  • Flexibility – SOA enables meeting, evolving requirements and regulations
  • Integrated implementation and QA minimizes business disruption and consumer backlash
  • Recoup investment in communications management in 12 –18 months

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