Disease and Wellness Management Solution

The healthcare industry is adopting a comprehensive approach for chronic disease management and wellness management to control rising healthcare costs. Traditionally, payors provided disease management to contain costs of high risk patients. Now, providers, pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, retail stores and large employer groups offer variants of services for chronic disease management, wellness management and lifestyle management.

Infosys understands that the business objectives of different organizations that offer chronic disease and wellness management are different. We offer a customized disease management solution that aligns with your objectives and core competencies.

When we implement a disease management solution, we define the disease management value chain of your organization. Accordingly, the business functions of our solution are customized to facilitate participation of all stakeholders in the value chain.

Infosys has a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) platform-based disease management and lifestyle management portal solution that can be customized to support various types of disease management programs such as medication compliance, diet and nutrition management, lifestyle improvement and any variant of the program as required.

Our solution supports the core functions of target setting, care plan creation, patient diary and follow-up reports. It consists of self-service functions such as appointment scheduling and prescription refill requests. Patients can stay updated on their progress through wellness calculators and risk assessment surveys.

Infosys Public Services - Disease & Wellness Management Solution

Our disease and wellness management solution leverages healthcare social platform features such as eConsultation, micro-communities, discussion forums, blogs, health wikis, healthcare widgets, social bookmarking, tag clouds, web analytics as well as sentiment analysis. We also offer the solution in a hosted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model.

Our solution focuses on patient safety, compliance management, patient education and enablement, motivational counseling, high-touch personalized care, ease of use of IT application, privacy and security.

Service Offerings

  • Disease management/wellness management strategy definition based on business objectives and aligned with core competencies
  • Disease management business case definition involving disease choices, market segment, alliance needs and sourcing strategy, product design, cost-benefit analysis, business road map and IT road map
  • Disease management program features and services design along with cost sensitivity analysis
  • Customization and implementation of disease management and lifestyle management solution from Infosys
  • Customized disease management application development and maintenance
  • Disease and wellness management solution in Software-as-a-Service model
  • Integration of disease management solution with legacy applications
  • Business Process Outsourcing services for administrative disease management operations
  • Business Intelligence and analytics on a disease management database
  • Disease and wellness management portal, patient education and content creation

The Infosys Advantage

  • Our solution provides a ready framework for the accelerated development of any disease management program
  • We offer end-to-end services on disease management including business strategy consulting on disease management, disease management program design, IT solutions to BPO and call center support
  • We enable payors or employers to reduce healthcare costs through timely and proactive interventions and compliance with the care plan
  • Our solution helps healthcare service providers to provide value added services to patients for better outcomes. It enables self-health management and easy accessibility to clinical care.
  • Our solution enables pharmaceutical companies to develop a market for their drugs through drug-centric disease management and compliance management


Disease and Wellness Management Solution

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