Hospital Information Dashboards

Infosys’ Hospital Information Dashboards empower your hospital executives and administrators with real-time financial, operational and clinical intelligence and reporting. Our dashboards help you anticipate and take informed decisions to increase efficiency, improve costs and ensure quality healthcare.

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Our dashboards provide an integrated view of your hospital across multiple departments, service lines and functional lines such as hospital capacity management, quality and regulatory compliance, bed management, customer service performance and utilization management.

The Hospital Information Dashboards from Infosys are based on our Hospital Performance Management Analysis Framework. They extract and present information from sophisticated analyses performed on data that is integrated from disparate sources.

In addition, our dashboards capture and highlight trends or patterns obtained from historical, current or predictive data, enabling you to focus on the right issues at the right time. Robust querying and drill downs across multiple, spatial and temporal dimensions address your ad hoc query and reporting needs, and enable complex analyses. In addition, you have the flexibility to define and implement your monitoring requirements with our Hospital Real-Time Performance Monitoring tool.


  • Quick and informed decision-making: Presents real-time performance at a glance, saving time in analyzing reports. Our dashboards ensure that your senior management can take informed decisions based on leading indicators such as clinical, patient and employee measures, and lagging indicators such as financial measures.
  • Employee empowerment: Our dashboards enable your employees to actively and creatively participate in the decision-making process and achieve goals based on a clear definition and representation of Key Performance Indicators. In addition, our dashboards facilitate clear communication and feedback regarding objectives and measures.

Our suite of offerings includes:

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