Hospital Performance Management Analysis

Hospitals must deliver high-quality care, comply with regulatory requirements and enhance patient satisfaction while trying to reduce costs and enhance efficiencies. They can improve performance through a Performance Management Analysis tool that continuously integrates transactional and analytical data across domains, departments and service lines. The tool enables superior decision-making, planning and execution.

Enhanced real-time performance is based on superior operational planning and execution, real-time performance monitoring and improvement, and capacity and resource optimization. It demands better workflow management, performance monitoring and sophisticated business intelligence on a real-time basis.

The Hospital Performance Management Analysis (HPM) solution from Infosys for medical data analytics combines real-time performance monitoring and reporting, advanced data warehousing and business intelligence, customizable executive and Information Dashboards.

With real-time information, you can take the right decision at the right place and time - be it investment decisions, capacity or resource planning or clinical/quality initiatives. In addition, our solution enables you to monitor cost and quality performance for process adherence or outcomes.


Infosys Public Services - Hospital Performance Management Analysis
  • Real-time intelligence and monitoring: Our solution provides real-time intelligence and monitoring enabling you to take the right decisions at the right time
  • Data and platform-independent: The Hospital Information Dashboards from Infosys can be deployed in any hospital system and is compatible with industry standards such as HL7
  • Enterprise grade scalability: Our solution can be scaled up to include any number of roles, business processes, units, departments or functional lines without affecting performance
  • Secure: Role-based authentication and security allows you to present the right performance dashboard or Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to the right person. The Hospital Information Dashboards from Infosys comply with industry-standard security protocols, making the end-user experience seamless
  • User-friendly: Highly intuitive and customizable
  • Low TCO: Our solution offers low Total Cost of Ownership due to swift implementation time driven by pre-built accelerator components, low maintenance and upgrade costs

Our suite of offerings includes:


Hospital Performance Management

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