Embracing new technology to mitigate rising healthcare costs, risks, and demand better

A “healthcare digital platform” is the integration of applications and emerging technologies to provide a tailored healthcare solution that drives business outcomes—a significant modern and accelerated approach to disintermediate legacy core administration processing systems (CAPS).

To better understand the role of digital platforms and emerging technologies in achieving business objectives, the impact of digital platforms on healthcare payer KPIs, and the relative attractiveness of healthcare platforms, Infosys, in partnership with HFS, reached out to 100 C-suite healthcare payer executives in US.

"We expect increased reliance on data analytics to help with operations, clinical delivery, and patient experience."
— Chief Digital Officer with a large health enterprise

"In this age, the opportunity is to think of enabling technologies as part of healthcare delivery vs. the traditional paradigm that focuses on claims payments."
— Senior executive at a large health plan


Key Findings

Here’s some of the most significant highlights from this research study

90 % Healthcare digital platforms emerge as the “have-to-have” strategy for over 90% of C-level health plan executives
76 % Cloud emerged as the ‘have-to-have’ technology to deliver the desired business outcomes; while most healthcare CXOs believe that IoT, blockchain, and AI will play a significant role in driving the desired business outcomes from digital platforms
38 % Reduction of administrative costs emerged as the top business objectives that can be addressed by the healthcare digital platform, followed by better risk and compliance management (16%), and supporting increasing demand (10%)
38 % Business outcome-driven KPIs is considered the most important feature for a digital platform to drive adoption and acceptance, followed with Pay-as-you-go (36%)

Where do you stand in the maturity curve to adopt digital platforms for your organization?

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