The Infosys High Tech practice offers embedded software development services for industrial and home automation applications, consumer electronics products, embedded silicon, and GPS-based systems. We partner with Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), semiconductor manufacturers, and embedded components / devices / equipment manufacturers to accelerate the R&D cycle and drive new product development. Our services portfolio includes system architecture as well as design, implementation and support of hardware, firmware and software.

Infosys enhances embedded products with a data-driven ecosystem to capitalize on automation, machine-to-machine communication, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Our approach rationalizes resources and costs while enabling B2B and B2C enterprises to consume embedded software solutions and leverage real-time data. Our cryptography key management solutions help embed hardware security modules during manufacturing. Further, we create reference design repositories to streamline documentation and version control of embedded products.

Our team of embedded software professionals has rich experience across microcontroller, single processor, multi-processor, and Digital Signal Processor (DSP)-based control applications. Our skills span embedded systems for telemetric data services, in-vehicle infotainment, avionics, remote asset management, and healthcare. We ensure smooth product rollout by mitigating business risks, incorporating best practices to safeguard IP, and complying with global embedded software standards.

We undertake feasibility studies for new embedded solutions, and ensure product viability through performance tuning as well as enhancements across the product lifecycle. Our automation platforms reduce cycle time to enrich features of existing embedded systems. Significantly, our AI-driven root cause analysis tools and predictive analytics solutions offer contextual insights to address gaps in functional requirements, including safety and quality.

We use responsive design, agile software development models, and automated test environments to enhance embedded solutions


Success story: Online marketing platform grows global business

State-of-the-art technology infrastructure for end-to-end marketing services improved customer satisfaction score by 25% at a semiconductor chip manufacturing company.


Challenges & Solutions

Infosys EdgeVerve toolsets enhance embedded solutions with automation and artificial intelligence.

Domain expertise spans interfaces and protocols for stand alone, networked, real time, and mobile embedded services as well as application layer messaging.

Rich experience across hardware platforms, wireless communications protocol stacks, operating systems, and distributed architectures for embedded technologies.