The Infosys High Tech practice streamlines manufacturing, fabrication and assembly processes using Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) and Manufacturing Execution systems (MES) based on Industry 4.0 principles. We help manufacturers of semiconductors and communications, networking and electronic equipment synchronize manufacturing processes in real time. It simplifies tooling operations as well as assembly planning, and helps manage production at scale. An Industry 4.0 ecosystem optimizes routing / assembly sequence processes and sub-processes. Further, it facilitates additive manufacturing and assembly by robotic arms.

Infosys automates silicon wafer processing, which minimizes waste as well as asset idle time. In addition, we integrate product design processes with MES and MOM platforms. It helps evaluate CAD data to resolve component and system-level issues during manufacturing. Pre-validation of designs, material composition, properties, and behavior minimizes lead time, costs and risks.

Digital MES systems improve throughput as well as productivity through lean manufacturing. It enables manufacturers to respond quickly to design changes, while mitigating loss due to retooling at foundries. Significantly, it reduces variations in a large product configuration. Further, smart factories are better equipped to capitalize on artificial intelligence-based predictive analytics to refine processes, manage resources, and accelerate production.

Our global visibility and collaboration solutions ensure seamless flow of real-time data within and beyond the enterprise. We implement hybrid cloud solutions to create a ‘connected’ enterprise. It enables manufacturers to track orders and inventory, trace product lots, and better manage component suppliers and contract manufacturers. It also enhances manufacturing diagnostics, reporting and analytical capabilities. Besides, it facilitates exception-based root cause analysis of quality issues to ensure safety as well as regulatory compliance.


Challenges & Solutions

Digital factories / virtual environment simulate real world manufacturing to address production constraints.

‘Right first time’ approach and planning / scheduling tools minimize cost overruns.

Proven processes for sustainable manufacturing support pilot and multi-plant deployments.