The Infosys Industrial Manufacturing practice transforms enterprise operations by capitalizing on cognitive computing. Cognitive algorithms provide a control loop to sense, learn, reason, and respond, thereby, driving autonomous processes. The agility of experience-based learning and learning-based reasoning systems adds tangible value to products and enhances the product experience.

Infosys’ cognitive technology platforms blend image recognition, natural language comprehension, and perspective development capabilities. Our Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven solutions enable self-diagnostics to reduce process lead times, and improve planning as well as real-time operations. Significantly, our solutions troubleshoot the shop floor and supply chain to prevent disruptions.

Our AI computing frameworks automate data labeling as well as model generation and training. Reinforcement learning enhances the quality of inferences and recommendations of machine learning algorithms and quantitative / statistical models. Further, it enhances the accuracy of automated processes such as risk assessment, quality control, bid evaluation, and technical documentation.

Infosys develops cognitive algorithms and mapping systems to correlate parameters and interdisciplinary variables across processes and workflows for unearthing potential issues, their root causes, and recommended course of action. Notably, we realize cognitive manufacturing by building a foundation of knowledge management, automation and analytics. Our next-generation knowledge management systems offer contextual responses via natural text and speech.


Challenges & Solutions

Deep learning networks use data residing across equipment, systems and processes for smarter operations.

Connected ecosystem ensures focus on key performance indicators across the manufacturing value chain.

Cognitive systems combine automation and computer vision for first-time resolution across quality inspection, repair and field services, among other tasks.