The Infosys Industrial Manufacturing practice undertakes data analytics and predictive modeling for smart factory operations. We create data lakes to capture live data across the ecosystem, and a data mart environment to store, process and use data in real time. Our digital backbone integrates product, warranty, telematics, customer, and third-party data to address local as well as global business requirements – from inventory, warranty and financial management to risk mitigation, production planning and statutory compliance.

Infosys combines data science with engineering domain expertise to modernize data management. Our data governance framework incorporates templates and best practices to minimize the time and effort required to convert multi-dimensional data into actionable insights, while ensuring data traceability. Our data governance programs, built on platforms such as Collibra and Informatica, establish performance metrics and data ownership for disaster planning, risk mitigation and security management. Our approach helps create reusable datasets and attributes for building sophisticated analytical models.

Infosys develops, trains and tests machine learning models to predict business events, risks and outcomes. Our machine learning models and analytical tools identify the root cause(s) of issues, and classify and prioritize business / functional issues. Our pre-fabricated gene pool of analytical attributes supports decision-making across the enterprise. For instance, it helps design and engineering teams reengineer processes, enables production managers to optimize maintenance schedules and avoid unplanned downtime, allows maintenance engineers to estimate the lifetime of parts/components, and empowers sales professionals to forecast volumes.


Challenges & Solutions

Holistic data quality services spanning assessment, rule identification, cleansing, issue management, and remediation ensure data sanctity.

Metadata management solution facilitates navigation via modular components for data element identification, data glossary catalog creation, and data lineage management.

Team of data scientists and consultants with rich experience across browsers, web servers, operating systems, and databases, including IBM WCC/WPC, Oracle UCM, Oracle PIM, Informatica MDM, SAP MDM, and TIBCO CIM.