The Infosys Industrial Manufacturing practice implements mobility solutions to create a connected enterprise. The replacement of resource-intensive desktop systems with mobile applications improves business agility. Significantly, enterprise mobility is an imperative for smart operations via robotic automation, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), GPS asset / employee tracking, machine-to-machine communication, servitization, and m-Commerce.

Infosys empowers employees of an industrial manufacturing enterprise to adopt mobile devices for accessing mission-critical enterprise systems, including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), asset management, field services, customer relationship, and supply chain management. Our integrated enterprise mobility solutions enhance responsiveness and improve business reporting. Moreover, mobile applications enable real-time notifications, alerts and reminders to better manage the shop floor, plant safety, warehouse operations, fleet, inventory, sales, pricing, and fulfillment.

Role-based remote access to enterprise functions enables the staff to update asset data, upload photos, share status reports, consult manuals, undertake learning, and collaborate on-the-go. It boosts productivity and minimizes errors, while strengthening the relationship dynamic between stakeholders – customers, employees and suppliers. Our experts have rich experience across the enterprise mobility landscape – applications, interfaces, wireless technologies, distribution platforms, device virtualization, and mobile communication and network optimization standards.


Challenges & Solutions

Team of consultants charts the roadmap for adopting mobility as a strategic tool for global manufacturing.

Advanced ecosystem for secure, real-time collaboration between decision makers boosts productivity and performance.

Process-specific applications accessible via diverse mobile devices address end-to-end requirements of industrial manufacturing.