The Infosys Industrial Manufacturing practice helps enterprises adopt knowledge management systems for strategic decision making. Our digital tools harvest, update, process, integrate, share, and use generic as well as domain-specific knowledge for smart operations. Knowledge captured in searchable, easily retrievable, and readily usable forms and formats is an asset for a digital workforce.

Wingspan, our cloud- and mobile-first learning solution, supports knowledge discovery, curates the training regimen, and assesses skill levels after learning. Our knowledge management mechanisms accelerate training and re-skilling of the talent pool. Further, our knowledge systems enable decision makers to use actionable insights from large data sets. Our data scientists, architects and machine learning experts capture knowledge to develop and train process bots, machine learning algorithms, and deep learning networks to address specific enterprise needs.

Infosys creates knowledge management repositories as a unified data source for products (conceptual design, detailed design, drawings, material property, and engineering interpretations), manufacturing processes (operation tables, process plans, capability graphs, equipment maintenance history, inspection reports, and production schedules), and support functions (supplier assessments, work orders, lease agreements, and contracts).

Our team codifies technical, process and experiential knowledge in the form of diverse knowledge constructs such as business rules, logical expressions, ontologies, predictive models, and statistical systems. Knowledge entities embedded across the enterprise boost the product lifecycle, while facilitating the transition to self-organizing systems.


Challenges & Solutions

Infosys Wingspan, our learning solution, drives talent development with skill-specific knowledge modules.

Digital knowledge tools elicit business requirements and use cases to grow the business using technology.

Knowledge ecosystem unifies physically distributed teams and facilitates collaboration across processes, including R&D, design, production, inspection, sales and marketing, and project management.