The Infosys Mining practice implements big data analytics to ensure the safety, sustainability and profitability of mines. We capture data from diverse systems used in underground and open cast mining, and distill actionable insights for real-time planning, productivity and workforce management, and cost rationalization.

The Infosys Information Platform (IIP) ingests and analyzes time series as well as device / sensor data and business parameters to retrieve contextual content, draw inferences, and predict outcomes. Our big data platform, analytical engines and mathematical algorithms process real-time data streams and complex events to identify business opportunities and challenges, while also shaping strategies to accelerate response.

Our team of data experts onboards advanced computing and automation systems and predictive modeling / simulation tools for smart remote monitoring and control of mining operations. We undertake digital transformation to incorporate analytical frameworks into physical processes. Our analytical solutions optimize blast design, facilitate safer drilling, and ensure compliance with blasting and processing procedures / standards.

We implement intelligent systems that identify anomalies across processes – production planning, fleet management, asset maintenance, and contractor management. Our visualization tools reveal patterns that indicate abnormalities in operations data and machinery / personnel behavior, which helps prevent issues, including equipment failure, and faster response such as evacuation of miners.

Our vehicle health monitoring system increases the availability and reliability of assets, and optimizes fuel consumption via condition-based maintenance. Predictive analytics boosts Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) by combining shift records and operational statistics with vehicle telemetry data such as status, engine oil and fuel level, tire pressure, and hydraulics metrics.


Challenges & Solutions

Analytics platform aggregates large volumes of internal and external data to identify trends, make accurate predictions, and address business challenges.

Rich experience in consolidating data across systems, software products and platforms for real-time update of functional databases.

Team of experts implements analytical platform solutions, and also guides enterprises on capitalizing data across the mining value chain, including Internet of Things.