Infosys IP enhances content review

Publishers of books, journals and business / professional information can accelerate the source-to-publish cycle with advanced content development techniques. The Infosys Information Services and Publishing practice enhances content processes using patented tools and methods.

Our systems streamline processing of voluminous text files. Our IP helps editors tag documents and extract unstructured data for advanced interpretation and analysis. An automated system identifies and tags errors accurately. It creates a defect log comprising diverse categories of errors, which helps content developers and reviewers take corrective action in the formative phase of content generation.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) granted Infosys patents for content review systems

System and method for identifying text in legal documents for preparation of head notes
Our system processes documents, including court judgments and orders from judicial authorities, and extracts relevant text to help editors analyze documents and prepare head notes promptly.

Tool support for content review
Our tool for manual and automated content review enhances content creation by enabling reviewers to undertake quantitative defect analysis and provide real-time feedback to content developers.

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