DRM Protected Content Distribution for Publishers

Publishers and copyright holders can avoid revenue loss using access control for digital content such as documents, e-books and multimedia databases.

Digital Rights Management (DRM) systems define user rights (permissions, constraints and responsibilities) to ensure access only by authorized users / subscribers. The Infosys Information Services and Publishing practice has invented cryptographic techniques and access control mechanisms to prevent unauthorized access and monitor content usage.

Our models for online and offline consumption of digital content manage user rights as well as limitations such as period of access, number of copies to be printed, and review / copy options. Our systems authenticate users before making the document available for subscribers.

Infosys’ patents for access management granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) include -

Providing access of digital contents to online DRM users
Our system uses a uniform framework to provide secure online access and protect digital content in diverse formats and platforms. It encrypts digital content and manages user rights for decrypting information.

System and method for providing access of digital contents to offline DRM users
Our invention facilitates offline data consumption when there is limited or no connectivity to the DRM server. A one-time activation / registration establishes a link between the server and the user via a digital certificate.

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