Navigate your next in Information Services and Publishing


Your enterprise needs to navigate the digital landscape: streamline editorial workflows, automate content production, provide access to premium content behind a paywall, and facilitate content distribution across devices, platforms and channels.

Infosys partners with information services and publishing enterprises to create rich media content that resonates with audiences. We develop content systems for newspapers, periodicals, research reports, books, and multimedia products. Significantly, our ecosystem helps differentiate content services, and facilitates content monetization by promoting online and offline consumption.

Our offerings for the information services and publishing industry are based on three principles –

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered core: accelerates the source-to-publish cycle via robotic process automation, data enrichment techniques, natural language processing, video and image analytics, and cognitive search APIs.
  • Agile digital at scale: capitalizes on open source platforms, micro services architecture and DevOps tools to reinvigorate the content supply chain and deliver information in diverse forms, formats and channels.
  • Always-on learning: aligns the requirements of digital information services with enterprise skills through customized training, process automation, and systems for co-publishing.

Infosys streamlines content management systems to enhance discovery, enable retrieval of contextual data, and ensure seamless access across devices. Our patented algorithms simplify content development, personalize content delivery, and safeguard intellectual property.

Adopt an interactive storytelling approach to engage the audience more deeply.

Use predictive analytics to understand content preferences, consumption patterns and requirements of audience segments.

Combine immersive experiences and location-based services to engage readers and monetize content.

Boost the ecosystem by automating content processing as well as marketing.

Implement cyber security solutions to safeguard subscriber data as well as intellectual property.