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Your publishing enterprise needs to adopt a digital-first approach in response to shifts in audience demographics, technology and business. You need to understand content preferences to ensure stickiness and explore new business models to monetize a content pipeline. Significantly, you need to cultivate a captive audience and provide premium content with a paywall.

The Infosys Information Services and Publishing practice builds a robust digital ecosystem to create and monetize content for publishers of portals, newspapers, periodicals, research reports, books, and multimedia products. We implement content management systems to accelerate content discovery, distill consumer insights from traffic, and repurpose content across channels and devices. We leverage advanced publishing software to enhance digital storytelling for an immersive experience.

Infosys enables information services and publishing enterprises to become more resilient with the Live Enterprise framework –

  • Accelerate migration to the cloud – Infosys deploys cloud solutions to streamline content search, storage and retrieval; enterprise data and application management; and editorial and advertising workflows.
  • Ensure resilient IT operations – Infosys leverages cybersecurity solutions and patented algorithms to safeguard the privacy of subscribers as well as intellectual property
  • Establish resilient business processes – Infosys streamlines the source-to-publish cycle with patented algorithms for content development and review and delivery via personalization on smart devices.
  • Enable remote learning at scale – Infosys e-learning solutions help publishers onboard their workforce to use content management and co-publishing systems.

Adopt an interactive storytelling approach to engage the audience more deeply.

Use predictive analytics to understand content preferences, consumption patterns and requirements of audience segments.

Combine immersive experiences and location-based services to engage readers and monetize content.

Boost the ecosystem by automating content processing as well as marketing.

Implement cyber security solutions to safeguard subscriber data as well as intellectual property.