Publishing & Information Services Management

Digital technologies effect seismic shifts in publishing – automated production, on-the-go content consumption, and access to premium content. Your publishing enterprise should capitalize on advanced content management platforms to better understand the needs of your audience and deliver information in the preferred form, format and channel.

The Infosys Information Services and Publishing practice combines content discovery tools and social networks with proprietary data analytics platforms and search engine marketing to convert your publishing enterprise into a digital content enterprise.

Infosys implements business-to-business and business-to-consumer publishing enterprises to further reach and open new revenue streams, while renewing your print / digital ecosystem to deliver a compelling content experience. Our tools and platforms help connect authors, editorial teams, sales and marketing departments, and readers. It helps you create and share compelling content on demand to engage and monetize your audience.

Our experts maximize return on content management systems by ensuring fluid consumption of text and rich media content.

Renew your publishing enterprise 

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