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The Infosys Utilities practice undertakes Customer Information System (CIS) transformation programs to align technology with business. We focus on quality, speed and reliability of operations, enhancing the meter-to-cash value chain, while ensuring statutory compliance and supporting on-boarding of net metering customers as well as electric vehicles to the smart grid.

Our CIS transformation approach bridges gaps in knowledge and capabilities, minimizes application support costs, and eliminates redundant functionality in your CIS portfolio. The Infosys data governance methodology ensures a unified data inventory and improves the accuracy of reporting across gas, power and water utilities.

Our CIS transformation programs improve business responsiveness.

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Infosys utilities CIS transformation footprint

Utilities CIS Transformation

Challenges & Solutions

CIS process reengineering and systems integration based on SOA principles.

Team of consultants with expertise in packaged solution implementation and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) readiness assessment.

Suite of tools to identify and analyze CIS improvement initiatives, prioritize plans based on value and enterprise readiness, and monitor value realization.