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Enterprise Data Analytics Solutions for Utilities

Your utilities enterprise needs a robust system to aggregate, enrich and analyze terabytes of data in real time. It helps forecast demand, optimize tariffs, rationalize power consumption, and predict downtime to better serve customers. In addition, it improves outage management, mitigates financial and operations risks, and ensures regulatory compliance.

The Infosys Utilities practice combines open source tools with proprietary components to create an enterprise analytics framework. Our analytical processes and statistical models offer real-time visibility into key performance indicators, which helps realign operations from a business standpoint. Our ecosystem accelerates data retrieval, while self-service reporting tools and dashboards facilitate drill-down for reactive as well as predictive interpretation.

Our data analytics systems harness enterprise data, including device-specific consumption, weather, grid operations, geospatial asset location, supply constraints, and business risks. Nuanced insights improve operations across functions – customer and field service, project management, demand and supply management, fraud and loss prevention, inventory optimization, and asset management.

Infosys - Utilities Enterprise Analytics Footprint

Infosys advantage

  • Team of functional experts, data scientists, analysts, and technical professionals
  • Competency development center for continuous enhancement of technology and domain capabilities
  • Infosys Skava, a cloud-based user experience management platform, enables omni-channel consumption of content and artifacts across the enterprise
  • Infosys Information Platform (IIP) eliminates unplanned service interruption and extends the lifespan of power generation / distribution equipment through predictive maintenance

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