The Infosys Utilities practice helps owners and operators of gas pipelines manage pipeline integrity across the lifecycle – design, construction, operation, and obsolescence. Our holistic approach extends the life and boosts utilization of pipeline networks. Intelligent pigging and root-cause analysis of defects facilitate mitigation of business risks, thereby reducing liabilities.

We develop digital solutions for secure access and sharing of maintenance schedules, inspection reports, survey information, and audit notes between field engineers, managers and control rooms. Real-time insights and collaboration prevent downtime as well as mishaps. In addition, it helps mitigate risks, implement corrective action, and manage unforeseen events.

Our Geographic Information System (GIS)-oriented data models and analytical systems support documentation and reporting requirements of transmission and distribution integrity management plans. In addition, our data solutions comply with Pipeline Open Data Standards (PODS).

Our domain specialists have extensive experience in gas and liquid petroleum pipeline-related projects.

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Infosys gas pipeline integrity management footprint


Challenges & Solutions

Proven expertise in high pressure, underwater and cross-border petroleum pipeline operations and maintenance.

Deep understanding of regulatory frameworks for oil and gas pipelines, including Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), USA; National Energy Board (NEB), Canada; Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER), European Union; and Pipelines Safety Regulations, UK.

Patented method to assess pipeline integrity business risk by quantifying structural, operational and commercial risks across the pipeline network.