Comprehensive Pipeline Integrity Management System

Pipeline integrity management is perceived as the structural integrity of the pipeline network. However, the dynamics of the oil and gas business demand a comprehensive assessment of commercial criteria and operational risks faced by oil and gas pipeline operators.

Infosys developed a holistic pipeline operations and maintenance system to ensure the integrity of oil and gas assets as well as constituents of the network. Our system divides a pipeline network into segments based on common traits to assess internal and external business risks. An algorithm calculates the pipeline integrity business risk of a network by aggregating structural, operational and commercial risks for each segment. A dashboard provides a business risk assessment score and helps professionals identify risks in their pipeline network.

A 360-degree evaluation of risks helps oil and gas pipeline operators undertake predictive maintenance and implement risk mitigation strategies to safeguard assets. Our approach ensures compliance with pipeline regulations, including 49 CFR Parts 190 to 195, USA, and Regulation 13A of the Pipelines Safety Regulations, UK.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) granted a patent for our risk assessment method to calculate a comprehensive pipeline integrity business risk score.

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