The Infosys Oil and Gas practice empowers your production and reservoir engineers with robust production surveillance solutions. We accelerate your response time for exception, condition, and event management through routing systems with pre-defined business rules and workflows.

We develop plug-and-play components for data management, data integration, rules and events configuration, workflow automation, and reporting. Our solution components require minimal IT support and integrate with disparate technology stacks. Our alert management solution detects deviations in operating conditions and updates stakeholders on the timeline, and severity of events in real-time. It defines procedures to manage exceptions or deviations. Automated workflows ensure normalization of production systems.

Our trend analysis, forecasting, and production planning tools help you maximize production. Proactive asset management increases operational efficiency and reduces production downtime, while a collaborative work environment improves decision-making. Our methodology minimizes risks in implementing production surveillance solutions.

We have implemented production surveillance and flow assurance systems at one of the ‘big four’ oilfield services companies.


Infosys production surveillance solutions footprints


Challenges & Solutions

A global pool of oil and gas professionals, including IT consultants with experience in upstream production operations and workflow management, and subject matter experts with systems integration experience.

Alliances with oil and gas technology providers, educational institutions, and industry bodies.

Knowledge management systems for training, capability building, and domain certifications.