The Infosys Oil and Gas practice partners with upstream enterprises to integrate customized toolkits with third-party modeling applications for production optimization. We develop ‘seed models,’ undertake troubleshooting of third-party asset modeling software, and create applications to track and report the performance of assets. Our model maintenance approach ensures the integrity of simulation results.

We design customized toolkits for sub-surface to surface integrated asset modeling-based production optimization. We also provide online optimization and operational support by automating workflows and integrating asset models with data historians, SCADA applications, and surveillance systems.

Our team of industry experts trains field personnel in using models for production optimization.


Infosys production optimization services footprint


Integrated asset modelling, PVT modeling (black oil and compositional fluid), well and network modeling, facilities and reservoir modeling, and multiphase flow



De-bottlenecking, production engineering, process engineering for facilities, artificial lift (ESP<PCP<GL, and beam), performance monitoring, and nodal analysis

Simulation enhancement

Simulation enhancement

Model tuning, IPR tuning using production well tests, and tuning of equations of state (EoS) and plotting



Data capture, data and asset model validation, history matching, and customized reports


Challenges & Solutions

Experience in modeling projects for a mix of 600 natural flowing, gas-lifted, and ESP wells in the Middle East.

Strategic alliances with modeling and simulation product vendors.

Expertise across production simulation and optimization applications, including PIPESIM, IPM suite, LOWIS, MatBal, ReO, WellFlo, PVTflex, and Aspen HYSYS.

Modeling and Simulation Center of Excellence for Production Optimization at Mysore, India.